Where is LOVExKARMA located? 

LovexKarma does not have a physical store-front. Our items are sold 100% online, and offered worldwide.

In what currency are LOVExKARMA items listed?

We list our products in USD (US Dollars).

How do I maintain my LOVExKARMA jewelry?

Our jewelry is very delicate, and therefore requires very gentle care when being handled. We recommend the following steps for optimal longevity of our items:
  • Always lay your jewelry flat when not being worn (this applies to all jewelry including choker, body chains, etc)
  • Body chains can get tangled easily. If you choose to not lay them flat, we recommend using a clothing hanger to hang them up in a separate area away from your clothes that may get tangled with them. 
  • Do not immerse your jewelry in water, or any other substance that may tarnish the pieces. If by chance you get your jewelry wet, dry immediately and lay the piece on a dry towel, or any dry surface. 
  • Always put on your jewelry LAST when getting glammed up. This means- do your makeup, hairspray, tanning, perfume etc, and put on your jewelry LAST. Chemicals from these products can tarnish the look of your jewelry over time. This goes for ANY costume jewelry. 

How long will it take to receive my items once they are purchased? 

Please see our ‘SHIPPING’ page for more information.

I purchased the wrong item, what do I do?

All orders are final sale, however we do make exceptions in certain situations. Please contact sales@lovexkarma.com for post-purchase assistance. We promise to respond promptly- usually within 1 business day.

Does LOVExKARMA do wholesale orders? 

Yes, we do offer wholesale orders. Please contact us directly at wholesale@lovexkarma.com for more information.

My item is damaged, what do I do? 

If your item(s) is/are received damaged, please contact sales@lovexkarma.com immediately after receiving the products. We are happy to assist you in handling any post-purchase issues/concerns.

Why is there a minimum order for EXPRESS shipping?

Express shipping is recommended for orders of 2-3 items or more. The reason being, shipping is calculated on our end based on weight, and express shipping companies usually charge a premium for shipping items under a certain weight ESPECIALLY to ship only 1 item. If you are only purchasing 1 item, we recommend choosing STANDARD shipping, which is already very fast. For more info, please contact sales@lovexkarma.com